Question: What is an Acre ?


An acre is a unit of area equal to 4840 square yards. The acre is a unit of area in a number of different systems, including the imperial and U.S. customary systems. The most commonly used acres today are the international acre and, in the United States, the survey acre.

One U.S. survey acre is equal to 62,726,400,000 / 15,499,969 m2 = 4046.8726098 m2. One international acre is equal 4046.8564224 m2. One acre comprises 4,840 square yards or 43,560 square feet (which can be easily remembered as 44,000 square feet, less 1%). Because of alternative definitions of a yard or a foot, the exact size of an acre also varies slightly. Originally, an acre was a selion of land one furlong long and one chain wide. However, an acre is a measure of area, and has no particular width, length or shape.

The acre is often used to express areas of land. In the metric system, the hectare is commonly used for the same purpose. An acre is approximately 40% of a hectare.One acre is 90.75 yards of a 53.33 yard wide American football field. The full field, including the end zones, covers approximately 1.32 acres.