Question: What is an Arrowhead ?


An arrowhead is a quadrilateral with two pairs of adjacent sides equal in length, and one of whose interior angles is a reflex angle. The diagonal through this angle is a line of symmetry for the shape. A normal arrow consists of a shaft with an arrowhead attached to the front end, with fletchings and a nock at the other.

Arrow sizes vary greatly across cultures, ranging from eighteen inches to five feet (45 cm to 150 cm). However, most modern arrows are two-and-a-half to three feet long (75 cm to 90 cm), similar to the length of English war arrows (which were made to be half the height of the man who shot them). Very short arrows have been used, shot through a guide attached either to the bow (an overdraw) or to the archer's wrist (the Turkish siper). These may fly farther than heavier arrows, and an enemy without suitable equipment may find himself unable to return them.