Question: What do you mean by Kilometre ?


A kilometer is a unit of length in the metric system. 1 Kilometre is 1000 metres. Kilometre is abbreviated to km. 8 km is approximately 5 miles.

For e.g. say the distance from London to Paris is about 340 km. The distance round the earth is about 40,000 km.

The km / h is the worldwide most commonly used speed unit on road signs and car speedometers. Therefore, it is far more common in everyday usage than the proper SI unit of speed, m / s. km / h is the most commonly used metric unit based on the hour, which is only a non-SI unit accepted for use with the International System of Units by the BIPM

Here mentioned example of conversion 3.6 km / h = 1 m / s, the SI derived unit of speed, metre per second, 1 mile per hour = 1.61 kilometres per hour (Approx), 1 kilometre per hour = 0.62 miles per hour (Approx).