Question: What are Natural Numbers ?


The natural numbers (or continuing numbers) are the numbers 1,2,3,4…….. used for counting. 0 is sometimes included as a natural number. Natural numbers have two main purposes: they can be used for counting (there are 3 apples on the table), and they can be used for ordering (this is the 3rd largest city in the country).

For example, the Babylonians developed a powerful place-value system based essentially on the numerals for 1 and 10. The ancient Egyptians had a system of numerals with distinct hieroglyphs for 1, 10, and all the powers of 10 up to one million. A stone carving from Karnak, dating from around 1500 BC and now at the Louvre in Paris, depicts 276 as 2 hundreds, 7 tens, and 6 ones; and similarly for the number 4,622.